Christian Book Publishing - You Write It and We Will Publish It

Christian Book Publishing, Authors For Christ - Come and be a part of a great Christian Book Release, as Authors for Christ come together to share God's goodness, redeeming passion, testimonies of Hope and encouragement with the lost and those in need of God's love.  

Here is what is included and we are capping this book release off at 40 authors,

CBM will handle all the editing, file creation, book cover creation and marketing of the book throughout 2017 and there is a lot of exposure for each author who participates. 


~ Editing 
~ File Creation
~ Book Cover Creation
~ Author Book Blog Creation
~ New Book Release Pre-Marketing
~ CBM Book Review and 100 site Book Review Marketing Package
~ CBM Author Press Release Package / Marketing
~ CBM Video Book Trailer Production / Marketing
~ CBM Social Media Book Blast  Marketing
~ Author Page at CBM Christian Book Marketing
~ Mention of each author who participates in some of the above
~ We will be expanding the above marketing with additional marketing services to help get the word out about the book.

Your Part: Write something original around your favorite scripture or something that is a testimony of God's love faithfulness and promises. Remember, the whole purpose of the book is to bless and encourage others so that opens the door to endless topics and subjects, like Love, Grace, Mercy, Salvation, Trust, God's Word, Healing, Miracles, The Power of Prayer, Overcoming Sorrow, Overcoming Depression, Restoration, God's Promises, Personal Testimonies, etc. Blink, someone already thought of a great topic. Maybe that is you?

The Article: The overall word count of the book will be set at 80,000 words, give or take. With 40 authors participating, each author's article will need to be 2,000 words or less which calculates out to approximately 8 pages at 250 words per page. Remember, it is not how much you write or say, but rather the life changing testimony or article that you write. Dig deep, each of you have something profound to share. Something that God has sown into you that is life-changing.

It is written that we overcome by the blood of the lamb of God and the word of our testimony. Each of you are overcomers and each of you are filled with volumes of testimonies. Life changing testimonies or pearls as we like to call them. Let's share them with the world.

Credits and Other: Each author's name will be credited on each article, for example "written by Author John Doe, author of Faith Restored." For multi-published authors, we would make mention of up to three of your published books at the end of your article. In the back of the book, we would also make mention of each author, their books coupled with the site address to each author's author site or author's blog. Each author will also receive a seal of publication with the name of the book to showcase on their website, author's blog, or to share by email. Each author will also be mentioned on the Author Book Blog with links back to their author's website, or author's blog. Lots of free marketing within this for each of you.

Sign up, let your pen flow and let's publish a book that blesses and encourages others together and shares the love and redeeming passion of Christ with the world.

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Self Publishing- Christian Books

Let Hope Arise is a perfect example of how an author's book can come together through Christian Self Publishing.

CBM helps Christian authors self publish making the process fun, exciting, rewarding and cost effective. Christian Book Publishing with the help of CBM will help you meet your goal and save money in the process,

If you have some Kingdom fruit bearing seeds that God has sown into you that you want to publish, let CBM help you make that possible.

Here are just a few things that CBM can help you with in self publishing your Christian book.

  • Book Editing 
  • Proofreading 
  • Interior Book Design
  • File Creation for Publishing
  • Book Cover Creation
  • Setting Up Your Publsihing Account
  • Helping You To Obtain A Free ISBN Number
  • Uploading All Files For Publishing
  • Setting Sales Channels
  • Author Ste Creation
  • New Book Release Pre-Marketing
  • CBM Book Review and 100 site Book Review Marketing Package
  • CBM Author Press Release Package / Marketing
  • CBM Video Book Trailer Production / Marketing
  • CBM Social Media Book Blast  Marketing
  • Author Page at CBM Christian Book Marketing
  • and the best part is that you will have 100% control of your book, publishing account and all royalty checks are paid directly to you.
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Help For The Self Publishing Christian Author

Are you in need of help with the self publishing process? From book editing, interior book design, the layout of your book to the print ready file for uploading to Amazon, Kindle, Createspace, there is a lot take take into consideration. It is a process and a process that requires knowledge and understanding within the self publishing industry.

Contact the folks at Christian Book Editing and they will help you along the way and see that you get God's work in print and eBook form. They can also assist you with all phases of marketing your book.

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Publish Your Christian Book For Free

Are you in the process of publishing your first book? Maybe you are a multi-published author that has become tired of paying high prices to get your books published only to find that the publisher that publishes your book offers very little beyond that point and charges you an arm and a leg just to get to that point.

We hear it all the time. Christian authors paying from $2,000.00 to $4,000.00 to get their books published after viewing a catchy sales video only to later realize they made the wrong choice.

Consider contacting CBM and taking the self publishing route. CBM can help you with editing, interior book design, layout print ready files and even show you how to publish your book for free in the process. Once you have all the right things in place, yes, you can actually self publish your book, get great author book prices, great royalties and all for free. Yet and beyond that, CBM can also professionally promote your book.

The following will briefly CBM 's book editing services, interior book design, layout and print ready file creations.

CBM Christian Book Editing Services Includes:

·  2 - rounds of editing
·  Spelling
·  Punctuation
·  Capitalization
·  Abbreviation
·  Table of Contents, chapter references and page numbers
·  Font styles and line/word spacing
·  Formatting of notes and tables
·  Formatting of citations for Scriptures and other references
·  Ambiguous, imprecise and improper words that could confuse your readers.
·  Potentially libelous language.
·  Jargon and other terminology easily understood.
·  Overuse of clich├ęs and inappropriate language uses.
·  Variety of sentence length and style.
·  Use of active and passive constructions.
·  Correcting grammar, word usage, capitalization, word breaks, tones, and format.
·  Paragraph Structures.

CBM Interior Book Design / Layout / Print Ready File Service Includes:

CBM also has the ability to perform interior book design / layout and create print ready files for soft cover and eBook publishing. This service provides you with the ability to publish with a publisher or to self-publish and at no cost when you self publish. 

This service includes:

Layout of the entire book to include: creation of copyright page, formatting of title page, table of contents, preface, dedication page, chapter title creation and formatting, paragraph structuring, page numbering and drop caps for the beginning of each chapter.

CBM has the ability to help you with all phases of your self publishing books needs to also include obtaining your ISBN number, creating and opening an account for self publishing, uploading of all files for publishing and further marketing your new release. The best part is that we also save you a lot of money within the entire process.

Contact Smitty at kingdomexpansion1 (at) gmail (dot) com 

Communities for eBooks

Being a part of a solid eBOOK Community can go along ways. You can find volumes of great information to be found in joining the right eBOOK Communities.  Here are just a few.

Ebook Community on Yahoo! Groups 
Good eReader Forum

Ebook Wholesalers and Retailers

Moving Forward ~ Authoring and publishing  your eBook are only the first steps at finding success in the eBook World.  Next comes the hard part, making your eBook available to wholesalers and retailers. 

Barnes and Noble

Graphic Artists for Book Cover Design Wanted

Are you a graphic artist? Can you design book covers? If so, we are looking for some experienced graphic artists. Requirements. A working portfolio that we can review to see what your capabilities are. Knowledge in book cover templates a must. Come and join a winning team in the book publishing industry.